These are links, so just click on any name that rings your bell!

Namaste’ Center for Spiritual Living in Long Beach is where I go each week for my Spiritual food and for an amazing community filled with Love. Oh, and I also sing there most weeks, so I guess I better show up huh?

Amazon Herbs is where I am getting my healthy glow! It starts from Within (get it “Within” hee hee) Anyway, I love the way these herbs make me feel and the skin care line is AWESOME!!! Best of all, the mission of the company is to empower the indigenous people of the Amazon by securing land deeds to keep the land WILD for future generations! Click here to learn more:

John Rozenberg; I love this man so much I have him in 2 places on my website! Awesome healer; truly gifted.

David Kelsen I’ve known David almost my entire life. He is creative and I would not have the amazing web presence I do if it weren’t for him! If you need a website or SEO guru, David is the man!

Chyna Photography: This fabulously talented lady took the shot for my album cover and she has taken lots of other really nice shots of me as well! Love love love her!

Make Up By Nikki : Beautiful gorgeous yummy make-up! Nikki is very versatile and super sweet!

I absolutely Love this boutique! Their clothes are gorgeous and their prices are very reasonable.  Yeah for the Harvey Girls!

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