Growing Up Singing

This gallery is a bunch of pix of me as a little girl growing up with a microphone in my hand. My parents were musicians and when they finally gave in to my pleas to sing with their band, they put me in front of a crowd of 300 and thought I’d freak and run… well, not so much :-)

  • Mom & Dad Started It All
  • Me & My dad
  • More Little Me Singing
  • Singing With The Family Band
  • On The Danny Thomas Telethon
  • My First Recording Session Age 10
  • Chicka Wah Wah!
  • Sailor Suites With The Family Band Whoa!
  • Me & My Mom in our stage clothes and fabulous permed hair!
  • Sing sing sing!
  • Had to do the Bo Derrick thing with the braids!
  • The cover of my vinyl record

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