Musicians I Love

Karen DruckerKaren Drucker

When I came to Karen I was very scattered and didn’t know how to get focused in order to begin to make the vision of my life take shape. Karen’s ability to be right with me as I process and quickly guide me to the heart of the matter is uncanny. With her skills and compassion, I have been able to keep a focus on my goals. I have come to rely on her both for when I am feeling like I need to regain that focus AND when I am really kickin’ booty and feel that I am ready to take it to the next level! I am very grateful to her for being my practitioner and my mentor.


Faith RiveraFaith Rivera

Top of the tops, this lady has accomplished SO much in furthering the Positive Music Movement! A beautiful voice and a beautiful lady. I have had the opportunity to perform with Faith on several occasions and she is just a beam of light and Love!  I was also thrilled to discover that we live right down the street from each other in Long Beach!

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