So Ya Wanna Hear

The American Idol Story?

It was 2007, I had come back home to live with my parents after my divorce.

I had put my head down and dug into working on revamping the family production company biz as I was going to make the next chapter of my life about that. I had begun to let go of the idea that had dominated my life since I was a child performer. I was letting go of the dream. After all, I was almost 40; way over the hill for "making it in the music business."


I heard my dad yelling to me from the bottom of the stairs, "Kelly, American Idol is doing a songwriting competition!"

"What? Oh, dad, come on. Seriously? I'm not gonna give them my money to hope that out of the thousands of people who submit my song will be chosen! I mean, what are the odds?"


He kept hounding me relentlessly (cuz that's what people who love you do when they want you to share your gifts).

So, to placate him, I did it.


I will never forget the day the news came...

I was doing 80 on the 405 fwy (a rare occurrence in LA). I was about a mile from LAX and my phone rang. I had Bluetooth so I picked up and on the other end of the line a voice said, "is this Kelly Corsino?" "yes" "well, this is Jesse from 19 Entertainment." My mind started racing!


He asked me if I was driving and told me I might want to pull over to continue the conversation, to which I replied, "doing 80 on the 405 is just as good a place as any to hear some great news, so lay it on me Jesse!"

That was when I learned that my little song "Tonight" was chosen out of 25,000 submissions!


It was an extremely exciting time for me as a songwriter and it definitely made me realize that I could actually call myself a legit songwriter (something I was previously not so sure of). That gave me the shot in the arm to dig into my songwriting like never before which has been so rewarding and brought so many rich experiences to my life that I would not have had otherwise.

Thanks dad!

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