From child protogé to rock n roll on the Sunset Strip and her work with American Idol, singer/songwriter Kelly Corsino has performed  on stages around the world for her entire life.


Her songs have garnered multiple awards, including Grammy consideration.


As an entrepreneur, Kelly has successfully launched a multi million dollar production company, a real estate brand that was featured on the Discovery Channel hit show "Flip That House" and a direct sales team with the #1 skincare company in North America.


As a business strategist, she uses her vast knowledge and "out of the box" thinking to help  entrepreneurs build massive wealth while maintaining life balance.


Living a unique and "colorful" life, Kelly has a perspective on personal development that is unflinchingly honest and a bit irreverent.  This and her gift as an intuitive energy worker, gives those who are reaching for their highest and best expression of themselves, a powerful coach.


Her KeyNote Concerts bring together all of her skillsets for the purpose of fulfilling her mission to "change the world with music."

"100%. Worked with Kelly for years. Pure talent, heart and professionalism!! The best. "
~Jeff Schlicht

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