• Kelly Corsino

Conversation With A Mirror

I tried living an ordinary life for a while.  The pandemic had gotten me to a feeling not unlike being pummeled into submission by rubber bullets; not necessarily lethal but exhausting and capable of making my muscles feel like tenderized meat.

If I could just manage to keep waking up, doing something that felt like being alive, I could live with that... couldn't I?

The trouble is, I've had a taste of an extraordinary life, and so I can say with authority, "no it is not something I can live with."

I may not have done anything noteworthy enough for the record books, but I have always tried for something sort of like that. I aimed high.

Disappointments were plentiful, but the monotonous existence of living without aiming high, showed me a clear A and B contrast.

I like (A) better!

Balance is key and by no means have I got that one nailed but I see that aiming high is like always having a vacation trip on the books. That feeling that something big is getting ready to happen. I''m planning for it. I am putting the pieces into place, and at some point, I will be on that tarmac, sailboat, or motorcycle with my plan unfolding.

It doesn't always unfold exactly as I planned either, but had I not decided to that  honor the next glorious idea in mind, I knew I would live my life in one continuous Groundhog Day.

Being content in my inner world is a challenging thing to master, but until I bring the most complete version I have of myself, right now, into the world to throw my arms wide open and say, "I've got something to say" I would find a million things to fill up my day forever dreaming instead of doing.

Fall down. Get messy. Screw up. Be lame. Own it. It's the only way to ever get better at anything. What the hell are you waiting for? Permission? You already have it.

Now go do it!

Kelly Corsino is a life and business coach for women who seek a bigger life.


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