• Kelly Corsino

Falling In Love With Life

The bouquet of flowers I long for is in the fields all around

The song that I want dedicated is the stranger’s song as the air passes gently between souls who will never speak, it is the birds singing songs of sheer delight and the sounds of laughter and wind in the trees

There is a riddle unraveling in the middle of my mind and I take delight in the ebb and flow of the illusion of time

I am gaining wisdom and letting go of knowing and it all becomes clear that there is nothing to know; only to feel and be felt and let go of the fear

So I offer my heart to the world; the same world that once made me crazy with desire

I giggle quietly to myself as untethered I rise higher

I drink from the cup that quenches the desert within and I bow in humility as I begin again with gratitude for everything; the then, the now and the yet to be

I am one with all of it and I am free

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