• Kelly Corsino

My Life During COVID 19 Pandemic

I am living in a completely plutonic, yet completely loving relationship with my roommate. Rita arrived in late July of 2019. Originally, a necessary decision financially as my life had taken a turn of recent years and it would be my challenge to Phoenix the F-up or die trying. Initially, she and I kept to ourselves. She had recently liberated herself from my a former roommate situation that had long outlived its shelf life. When she arrived- in my home- the first person to occupy my space without being a husband or a lover since I was in my twenties; it was almost as if a ghost moved in initially..

We both avoided each other and tiptoed around and the house. Bit by bit, little moments shared and a bond began. Coffee would prove to be our glue. Just as we had begun to get a bit more comfortable with one another, we were suddenly told to self-isolate, and now guess what? Boom! You’re like, helloooo Miss 24 hour a day person in my life… But something magical happened. We bonded. We immediately began to pitch in for each other. We began working together as a team. It has been the first time in my life that I have had a really tight bond with someone I am living with who isn’t my family AND isn’t a lover. Interestingly, I feel safer. I am finding my strength. I feel a bit bolder. I’m getting back to some projects I’d set aside because, after all, you know, “the money.” Suddenly there’s no money to be made (at least readily in my chosen field). Even still, I’d stick with “safer,” as my presumptive qualifier. I am not sure what the future holds, but I do take some refuge in the idea that the planet basically said, “enough already, y’all aren’t gonna dial it back, I’m gonna dial it back for you!” So, as I lament that my life was just finally beginning to find equilibrium after nearly two years of major emotional and financial struggle, I know that a greater good is emerging. I also got a good chuckle when a friend of mine said, “wow, that Greta Thunberg must be some kind of powerful witch to be able to manifest a total shut down of the planet.” It had to happen frankly. I mean, how many people do you know (yourself included) who were really happy and satisfied with how life was going? I’m not talking about having the basics and maybe even above and beyond that, I’m talking about truly joy filled lives?

Living to pay bills and having brief respites from "the grind," is how most people would describe their lives. I have seen and experienced the suffering first hand, and the disconnect from fellow humans is real. I will do my part by finding my way back to me and investing myself in all things

that make my heart sing. I hope you are doing the same. I hope meal times with your family are sweet, or if you are alone, that you are taking good care of you by eating healthy food and moving your body- but most importantly, finding connection with other humans through phone calls and other physically distanced connections. I pray that we find our way back to each other. More to come soon. I love you. Kelly


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