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The Magic Of Gratitude

Meditating On Gratitude 24/7

I have spent a lot of time recently contemplating this topic of gratitude, and something magical happened as a result of it... But I'll share more on that in a bit (gotta keep you on your toes right?)

I'll begin by sharing some of my gratitude...

YOU! I am grateful for YOU! Everything that has been meaningful in my life has been about you inviting, allowing, and encouraging me to share my gifts to be a beneficial presence on the planet.

You and I, together create something greater than the sum of the parts.

We create magic. We change the world. We bring beauty, compassion, love and a myriad of other amazing things to life in a world that can sometimes feel a bit drab if not downright dark! Can I get an AMEN? AMEN!

I am grateful for my teachers, guides, angels and mentors who keep shoring up my leaky bits to ensure that I continue to walk in faith KNOWING that my life is Divinely guided.

I am grateful to the many souls, whom I will never meet, that ethically raise my REAL food without chemicals and treat the animals with dignity so that my body can be nourished.

I am grateful to the many souls who create and maintain the infrastructure so that I can get from here to there.

The list truly does go on and on, but I think you get the point!

How To Get Good At Gratitude

Let's make this a game...

I want you to picture everything you are grateful for and really get into the feeling of it.

Let your heart be lifted up by it until you feel like you will burst! Or at least until the sides of your mouth curl in an upward direction.

Okay, got it?

Alright, next, imagine the things you would like to see more of in your life and carry that feeling of gratitude you've got cookin' over to the other things. If you are tempted to slip into the "that's not possible" or any other kind of jaded thought pattern, RESIST!

Now, really bring your A game here and take that yummy feeling of gratitude and imagine that you already have the things you are seeking more of in your life.

Imagine it already done.

So, here's the magic of this kind of thinking; like attracts like- right? We've all heard that, but dang it, it is SO true!

So if we seek more health, it is best to spend time giving gratitude for the health that we have, or if it's love, then gratitude for love and so on...

Be ever watchful of your thoughts and notice if you are slipping into negative thought patterns. By gently giving yourself permission to think a new thought, you wash your brain (yeah, I said it, brainwash) to clear thought patterns that are manifesting more of what you don't want.

Even if you are totally agnostic about this stuff, at the very least, I PROMISE your mood will be lighter! Oh, and guess what happens when your mood is lighter? People are more attracted to you and more things tend to go your way, so there we are back at the "magic" again ta-dah!

A Little Anecdote To Illustrate

Did you know that a police officer is FAR more likely to give you a ticket if you are in a crappy mood when they pull you over?

I'm not talking about being nice or not nice to the officer (cuz you should always be nice... they got guns n shit...).

What I'm talking about is, if an officer pulls you over and you are beaming with happiness and you confess that you were speeding cuz you were thinking of your new love, or listening to this really fun song that got you pumped or you just got really great news, the officer doesn't want to be the rain on your parade.

Use this information wisely... :-)

Now It's Your Turn!

See if you can think of three things you can be grateful for right now.

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