This piece is a great reminder of who you are. No matter the challenges. Even if you feel like you've lost your way, you are a powerhouse!


Do you feel like life is having its way with you? Are you longing to feel connected to your power?

Moremi has the energetic signature that is in alignment with her namesake...

While I was painting the original, I kept thinking, "this is a lioness," but then a lioness doesn't have a big mane like that... or does she?

I found out that the Moremi wildlife refuge in Africa has lionesses with glorious manes, and Moremi is the name of a heroine of the Yoruba tribe who saved her people in ancient times by using her feminine wisdom and power to thwart a marauding tribe that was going to overthrow her people.

To this day, Moremi is celebrated as a symbol of feminine wisdom and power.

If this piece calls to you, chances are you are ready to restore some balance in your life and remember your inner Goddess/God!

Copper Necklace Lion Art From Original Painting

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