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"The Gift" is about connecting with gratitude.

Why struggle when life only wants to give you everything your heart desires.

This piece is infused with the energetic of gratitude. Lotus blossom henna tattooing adorns the hands that are poised in a prayerful mudra. The lotus can only grow in the mud.

Such is the same with life. We only grow when we are immersed in the mud. We seek refuge in so many different ways; food, alcohol, drugs, over working, etc...

If you are drawn to this piece, it is calling to you because you have lost touch with the grounding force of gratitude. Wear "The Gift" and come back to the place from which all blessings flow... In thanksgiving. In gassho. You choose to be grateful for the agreeable and the disagreeable and in so doing, liberate yourself from suffering.


• Handmade item
• Giclee print of original painting
• Fired, resonated glass
• Your choice of bronze, silver, titanium or copper tray
• 24" matching chain


The Gift-From original painting

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