Within every moment contains the seed for lightness and darkness. You get to choose what to focus on.

The Yin Yang symbol has its origins in Asia and the figure still endures because it is a powerful visual reminder that even within the sweetest of moments, there can be a tinge of pain, and even within the most painful moment, there can be something beautiful to behold.

If this piece is calling you, it is likely because you are feeling out of balance. Yin is the female energetic and yang is the male. If you are leaning too far into the yang energy, you can find yourself taking on too many responsibilities and it can feel as thought the weight of the world is on your shoulders. If you are leaning out of balance in the direction of the yin energy, you may be feeling spacey and un-grounded. Yin energy is a natural opening for magic and creation to happen, but too long and too much of it can begin to make you feel detached from reality and your obligations may be suffering.

Wear Yin Yang to connect with the energetic signature of balance.


• Handmade item
• Giclee print of original painting
• Fired, resonated glass
• Your choice of bronze, silver, titanium or copper tray
• 24" matching chain


Yin Yang-From original painting

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